About Me

Hi there! I'm Mindy Kline. Full-time engineer, wife, dog-mom, self-proclaimed foodie, and part-time traveler and blogger. 

I grew up in Houston Texas, but moved to Detroit Michigan for work in 2015. Once we lived across the country from one another, my younger sister and I decided to start going on yearly trips together, and that's what ignited my passion for traveling. I'm a big planner, but my sister... not so much. So, I started doing all the research and planning for our vacations to try to get the most out of our trips. 

After traveling both with my sister and with other family and friends, I've decided to share my learnings and experiences with others as well. I'll let you know what you absolutely must do, what you can skip if you're short on time, what hidden gems I've found, and some pro travel tips (plenty of which I've learned the hard way, so now you don't have to). 

I hope that this blog will inspire others to discover new places and make the most of their trip, while alleviating some of the planning stress that traveling can create! 


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