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An Epic 4-Day Reykjavik, Iceland Itinerary

Iceland is closer to the United States than you might realize. The flight from Detroit to Reykjavik took less than 6 hours, which means planning a stopover trip on your way somewhere else in Europe or a long weekend in Iceland from the Eastern part of the U.S. isn’t unreasonable! And, while that might not give you enough time to take the Ring Road around the entire country, that is plenty of time to explore the capital city and take a few spectacular day trips. Other factors that make Iceland a great place to visit are the safety and lack of language barrier for English speakers. Iceland has been ranked as the world’s safest country year after year (since 2008), making it ideal for solo travelers, couples, or groups alike. Also, tourism is Iceland’s biggest industry, and almost everyone speaks fluent English. One of the guides I was chatting with mentioned that Icelanders are tending to use English in casual conversations among themselves more and more nowadays, so it’s well-practi