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A Perfect 4-Day Switzerland Itinerary

Sure, you could read a bunch of blog posts and decide what to do on your trip to Switzerland, and then piece that together into a great trip itinerary....Or you could just use my perfect 4-day itinerary to have the same fantastic trip with none of the planning stress! I've already done all the hard work and tested this itinerary out for you!  For this plan, you'll want to fly in and out of the Zurich airport and find lodging in Zurich for days 1, 3, and 4. Day 2 involves staying in the beautiful little town of Mürren in the Swiss Alps. Day 1 can accommodate a flight that arrives early that morning, if you don't want to pay for staying an extra night, and there's a chance you could make an evening flight work on day 4, but I would recommend just flying out on your fifth day if possible.  Of course you can always shuffle the days around to fit your needs, or extend your trip to spend longer in each place if you want too! My blog posts about spending a day in Zurich  and 

How to Plan Your Perfect Trip to Napa Valley

I've now visited Napa Valley twice, and the only reason that number isn't higher is because it's a 5+ hour flight from Detroit. It's great for any occasion - I've been for both an anniversary and on a girls' trip, and it would also fit the bill for a birthday celebration, fancy bachelor/bachelorette party, graduation trip, or just because! One thing to keep in mind for events or celebrations is that a lot of the wineries are reservation only. When I went in 2015, that wasn't the case - my now-husband and I walked into several different wineries and picked a tasting option to try. But now there's much more planning in advance required, and oftentimes the reservations only accept a party of up to 6 people.  But there are over 400 wineries in Napa Valley, tons of excellent restaurants, great weather for walking, hiking, or biking, and Sonoma isn't far away, so how do you choose which places to go to when you're there? I would suggest starting by fig